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Why Period Panties From Thinx And PantyProp Are Considered The Best

At present, you will come across a wide array of period products out there. Amongst these, mention may be made of tampons or pads and some ladies even prefer using a menstrual cup. However, with the advent of time, another product has become immensely popular these days which happens to be the period panties. In fact, there are quite a few companies which manufacture these items on a large scale that are capable of trapping moisture and also stopping leaks caused by bleeding.

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Now a question might lurk in your mind: What are the best period panties brands - Thinx and PantyProp? In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to throw some light on this particular topic.

Firstly, let us talk about the PantyProp period panties:

The products from this particular brand are amongst the most versatile panties out there. It is possible for any lady to wear them without any type of menstrual protection at all in order to stay safeguarded from unexpected leaks and stains. In case you preferred using pads in the past, now there is no more reason to worry about struggling with your pad constantly shifting and bunching and this is because of the innovative design which is effective in locking the pad in place securely. While using sponges, tampons or menstrual cups, the integrated absorbent liner will be able to trap any leak which will prevent your clothes from being spoiled. Otherwise, it will be a smart decision to put on the PantyProp period panties in case your flow is light or even moderate. These products come with a special fabric which can eliminate any moisture from the body thus allowing you to remain fresh and clean all the time. There might be several occasions on which you ended up being embarrassed because of an unexpected leak due to the shifting of your pad over to the side. In the worst situation, it could even stick to you. Fortunately, all these problems are going to be fixed while you are using the astounding PantyProp period panties. Apart from the period panties, an entire line of leggings, swimwear, as well as bodysuits, are also offered by the company which comes with pad-securing pockets plus integrated backup protection.

The company even provides free sanitary pads to anyone, no questions asked.

How do they work?

These breathtaking PantyProp period panties come with an inbuilt 100% cotton absorbent liner plus an additional extra added securing pocket which is able to collect the flow effectively while preventing any overflow on the side, front or even back. Top notch materials are being utilized by these products which imply that no latex or even plastic is present in them. You can easily take care of these panties which are extremely resilient having the ability to last for more than a couple of years. It is not at all difficult to wash them and all you need to do will be to just toss them in the washing machine. As a matter of fact, no handwashing will be required in this case. However, avoid using any fabric softener since it might affect the absorbent properties of the material.

There are 5 essential features present in these innovative PantyProp period panties. 1. Highly absorbent - A highly absorbent fabric is going to line the crotch area that holds up to 2-3 moderate flow of tampons. 2. “Pad-pocket” - For people who have heavier periods and cannot insert tampons a specially designed “pad-pocket” in the crotch area will allow holding the panty properly in position without any chance of it being shifted around. This will prevent any leakage as well as roughness! 3. 100% unnoticeable - It will be impossible to view the pad through your clothes in spite of the fact that the design is quite thin. 4. Body-conform fit - A secure and snug fit will be offered by the stretchy fabric in the crotch area. 5. Sanitary - You will always remain fresh and dry thanks to the antimicrobial fabric.

Next, we will discuss regarding what makes Thinx Period Panties one of the best out there? According to the company, the underwear produced by Thinx has some hidden abilities. These panties are available in a couple of basic colors, black and beige, as well as six styles, namely, Hi-waist, Sport, Hiphugger, Cheeky, Thong, and Boyshort. While every single style comes with its own personal absorbency level, the Hiphuggers are considered to be the most effective with the Thong being the least absorbent. There seems to be an active promoting campaign behind this company and one will come across numerous video and journalist testimonials of their products. Thinx even does a benevolent job of the donating several reusable menstrual pads to the women in Africa for each pair of panties purchased by them. This particular initiative was commenced by the company when they came to know of the fact that the women in this continent often skip their classes in the educational institutions because of an inadequate supply of feminine hygiene.

How do they work?

Thinx happens to be amongst the few brands that manufacture panties which can easily replace tampons and pads. As a matter of fact, the Hiphugger which happens to be their best product is able to hold as many as 2 tampons worth of blood. They use 4 thin layers of fabric for doing this which includes cotton plus a waterproof layer manufactured from PUL. PUL happens to be a special kind of fabric which can be used with reusable diapers because of its ability to prevent any leakage.

Special features:

1. The breathtaking Thinx period panties are highly absorbent which help you to remain dry.

2. The cutting-edge fiber which is used for making these panties have been treated with silver so as to keep it hygienic.

3. Hand wash, and they ought to be air dried. No fabric softener should be used on them since it can affect the absorbency of these panties.

Thus, it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that the Thinx, as well as the PantyProp period panties, are much ahead in the competition as compared to the other similar products on the market. The presence of so many indispensable features has rightly made them immensely popular amongst the ladies across the world.

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