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Why You Should Switch to Period Panties to Avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) Caused by Tampons

Toxic shock syndrome (also known as TSS) is a very rare but potentially life-threatening illness. It is an infection that is caused by specific strains of bacteria i.e. Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus. Menstruating women have a high likelihood of contracting TSS because it is strongly associated with the use of tampons. The common theory is that bacteria that are naturally in the vagina might over-grow when in contact with blood-soaked tampons. Other risk factors of TSS are heavy nosebleeds, giving birth, a break in the skin, throat infections and the use of female barrier contraceptives.

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It is bacterial toxin that causes TSS and not the mere presence of the bacteria. For toxic shock syndrome to occur, particular strains of bacteria must over-grow and make colossal quantities of TSS toxin that enter bloodstream.

Tampons can potentially the risk of developing TSS in the following ways:

i. Super-absorbent varieties of tampons might encourage bacterial growth when left inside in the vagina.

ii. There is a high probability of tampons sticking to the walls of the vagina especially during blood flows that are light. This is because light blood flows result in tiny abrasions when removed.

The above two reasons are why you should switch to period panties to avoid toxic shock syndrome (TSS) caused by tampons.

Research indicates that tampons that are highly absorbent promote the risk of getting toxic shock syndrome due to the fact that the dry out and consequently tear the vaginal lining. The tear provides access for bacteria into the body to produce toxins that in turn cause TSS.


Common symptoms of the toxic shock syndrome:

i. Collapse

ii. Seizures

iii. Difficulty in breathing

iv. Kidney failure

v. Sensitivity to light

vi. Pains in the joint

vii. A decrease in blood pressure

viii. Confusion

ix. Red eyes, the whites of the eyes become red as well as the tongue and lips

x. Sore throats

xi. Hallucinations might also occur.

xii. Headaches

xiii. Muscular aches

xiv. Peeling patches of skin on hands and feet

xv. A skin rash that resembles a sunburn.

xvi. Vomiting

xvii. Fever

The list above is not exhaustive as there are many more symptoms that are associated with TSS.

How can period panties help to avoid toxic shock syndrome?

Period panties can be described as lined and leak-proof panties that are designed to be put on during menstrual periods. They can be utilized in one of two ways i.e. as free bleeding underwear or as backup leak proof underwear to menstrual cups or tampons. It is basically an underwear with a built-in pad. There are period panties that help in keeping menstrual pads in place and can also function as shapewear. These panties are made using fabrics that resemble those of ordinary panties but they might have triple layers of high quality absorbent material or even a layer of waterproof material such as Polyurethane Laminate (PUL). PUL fabric is the ideal waterproof lining that is used in period panties.

How period panties work

Period panties serve to guard against leaks, a waterproof layer or offering extra absorbency or even both achieve this. A few period panties are manufactured with a stretchy material, which provides mild compression to assist with menstrual cramps.

Other period panties have pockets in which heatpacks can be added in order to soothe cramps. However, most period panties are primarily designed to provide protection against accidental leaks during menstrual periods. There are countable brands that are designed to be put on in place of tampons or pads entirely. It is advisable that girls of the menstruating age to use period panties to avoid the toxic shock syndrome.

How to use period panties

The use of period panties is purely a matter of personal preference, the user’s cycle length and the type of flow that the user experiences. Period panties are leak proof underwear because they have pads that are placed in a strategic way to absorb menstrual fluid.

How to care for period panties

The exact instructions of how to care for period panties varies from one brand to the other. This is because different materials as well as construction are utilized by the different brands. However, most period panties can be machined washed but it is ideal to air dry them particularly those that have a PUL waterproof lining. In addition, fabric softeners should not be used when cleaning period panties because it makes their fabric less absorbent.


Period panties are the best preventive measure that a menstruating female can take to avoid toxic shock syndrome. These panties are relatively affordable and last just as long as regular underwear. Most brands are stain proof because they are designed with stain-repellant fabrics. Furthermore, they help in financial savings by preventing the ruining of mattresses, mattress pads, sheets and clothing by bloodstains.

Check out some top brands of period panties here such as Thinx period panties and PantyProp period panties >

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