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How can Leak-proof period panties help with a woman's unpredictable period

Over the years, owing to the experiences of women, many feminine hygiene products have flooded the market enabling women to have a great variety to choose from. Leak-proof period panties are among the latest products to enter the market. For first time users who have reviewed the product specifically the PantyProp and Thinx brands, it is clear that their initial thoughts mirror those of many women. There is obvious skepticism about the practical use and comfort of the leak-proof period panties with the words period diaper’ thrown around often referring to the expected bulky nature of the leak-proof period panties. The two brands have made efforts to address these concerns.

First of all, the product does not seek to completely do away with other feminine hygiene products. On heavier flow days, it is recommended that one uses the leak-proof period panties as backup. The Thinx brand works best with menstrual cups and tampons. The PantyProp brand has a provision of a pocket-like space in the crotch area that one can insert a pad into. This is not to mean that the leak-proof period panties cannot be used alone. This is possible on medium to light flow days.

Variety of leak-proof period panties

The products also have a wide range within them. The Thinx brand for example has a range from boy shorts to thongs each with different absorption capacities ranging from two tampons to half a tampon. This makes it easy to choose which is specifically suited for each person and whether to use it alone or with another hygiene product. The choice is personal based on self-evaluation of one’s flow. For the sake of unpredictable days, it is better to simply use an additional hygiene product and have the leak-proof period panties as backup.

The products wide range also offers different styles suited for different activities. There are leak-proof period panties available for example for swimming or some for working out at the gym. This does away with the discomfort and restrictions that the more common pads may have that force one to refrain from those activities during their periods. The wide range also caters for different styles that can be worn under different types of clothing; the thongs for example are suitable for leggings as they do not show visible panty lines.

The leak-proof period panties are made with safe fabrics primarily cotton to allow for breathability. PantyProp guarantees that no latex or plastic is used in the making of their products. Thinx has four thin micro layers to guarantee leak-resistance, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. This essentially means that if instructions are properly observed, the leak-proof period panties will not be full and saggy at the end of using. Furthermore, the quality fabrics prevent buildup of smells that ensures that the products if well used and cleaned remain stink-proof.

Directions for cleaning the products are very simple. They can be hand washed or machine washed and even mixed with other clothes. They do not stain other clothes when washed together when they have been initially rinsed. To prevent interference with the absorption qualities of the products they should not rinsed in fabric softener. They should be hung to dry which may take a while longer than ordinary panties.

Leak-proof period panties for unpredictable periods

For women with unpredictable periods that may involve spotting over many days or unexpected heavy flow, the dilemma is always whether to use hygiene products that may end up wasted due to very light spotting or use panty liners that may be insufficient if the spotting is more than predicted. For these women, the leak-proof period panties are the answers to their dilemma. These period panties can be worn like ordinary underwear and allow one to go through a normal day without obsessing over their periods.

Some women have unpredictable periods in that they may start at any point over a range of days. These women are then forced to always be prepared for periods which may mean carrying around or wearing feminine hygiene products for days. On the other hand they may be caught unaware by their periods leading to embarrassing incidents. The leak-proof period panties are the solution to this challenge. Again, they can be worn for days in readiness for the periods. Given that they come in different styles, it is possible to find those appropriate for different outfits including work clothes.

The obvious concern about the leak-proof period panties involves the retail cost which is a little expensive compared to ordinary panties. They retail from $18 to $39. However, when taken care of they can last up to two years. This is generally a recommended investment. In conclusion leak-proof period panties are a must-have for women with unpredictable periods.

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